Healthy Habits or Not! Common Sense or Not!

We all live this day's something that most of us never even think about, some times what maybe we say only in science fiction movies. But today we almost there, and when I say this almost there, is not because of the virus (COVID-19) will wipe out half of humanity is because it will ever happen with another virus, a more deadly one, we not gonna be able to handle it.

I was watching the news from all over the world and I was trying to figure out why people are amplifying the issue more than actually, it is.

I was will point out a few:
- People tend to believe information coming from unconfirmed sources or non-professionals. This day's everybody is an "expert" in everything and can give directions on what and how things need to be done and unfortunately are too many of this kind of "experts" but that's not the main problem, the problem is that are too many who believe this "experts".

- Spreading unofficial news on social media channels. Social media is a good thing it lets you to communicate with friends and share all kinds of informations, pictures, events, travel... but also has a darker side if not used properly. It was a precedent when were elections in some countries and they use social media to manipulate masses. All this can create more damage than good, can amplify the panic and can lead to serious issues down the road.

- Even when the news/directions are coming from official channels are ignored. I will give you an example, All over on the TV channels (mostly public channels, of course) are underlined the importance of keeping our hands clean, using soap and water as primary cleaning option and only if these are not available use hand sanitizer (gel, wipes....) but what we do, we go in the stores and start buying all the hand sanitizers and even more toilet papers!!! is like that will definitely help us to stop the virus, really people!!! You will go to the toilet probably in the same amount of time just like before but you may need to wash your hands more often than before, you know, common sense.

- For example, in the last 2 days I went out to do my grocery shopping like every week and I started looking around what people actually buy, of course, the hand sanitizers, the toilet paper and a lot of soda and canned food. At that moment I was thinking at the message that is broadcasted an all these official channels "use soap and water ..." and looking around standing in line to check out, but no one has soap in their baskets. So again probably the most important thing was ignored again.

- Another example. The official message is "limit the interaction with others..." I and My family we use to go to do shopping together is like having fun together but, come on, these days it is probably not the best to do so. One member of the family should go grab the needs/goods and back home. But some of us what we do, we take all the family to the supermarket 4-5 members I saw even more (parents with kids and/ grandparents...) and one or two of them even coughing or sneezing too. In some countries were told to the people to limit their walking outside but what we do, going for a run, going to walk the dog, going and meet some friends at a club or patio or wherever completely ignoring officials directions and then we ALL surprised how this can happen. Well, my friends, it can, and all this because of us, because we are not knowing how to behave in this kind of situation, we don't know what common sense means anymore.

I could probably come up with more scenarios and examples but I think the few listed above should be enough to make my point.

I was just thinking, if this virus "run away from a lab" it's a thing we people, we made it, we need to handle it, but what if this virus actually was created by mama nature? then mama nature can create a more deadly one next time, WE WILL BE PREPARED FOR IT?

If COVID-19 was able to do all over in the world a pretty sensitive situation can you imagine what can happen with a more dangerous virus?

I don't want to scare anybody or create more panic eider ALL I want to say that WE PEOPLE we need to learn to act and take responsibility for our actions because no government can help if we are not willing to help ourselves first,.

We need to be civilized, think, buy what we need, keep ourselves clean as possible, don't lay on the floor or on the street, change your street close ASAP when you get home, wash hands and face with soap and water (take a shower before you go in the bed) don't go in pajamas outside or in the store please, don't seat with your outside close where you sleep, do not go in the house with your shoes mainly if you have a small child (just thing you are walking outside all over even you may step in p** and then you are walking all over in the house and your child crawling on the floor and gets his hands in his mouth!) you may get some immune boosters (vitamin-C or other immune boosters) most of this is just common sense what you can apply in the day by day basis.

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